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NEW 2021 December 6

I finally released the first edition of Every Teacher's Guide to Technology. The book has four parts:

  1. The Best Tool for the Job — covers different types of software and when to use them. For example, it looks at word processor features that many teachers could use every day; gives some advice on using slides; and gets into detail on using graphics and desktop publishing software.
  2. TechInEd Topics Deep Dive — goes into some detail about tech issues that teachers would benefit from knowing a bit about. Some of the topics are a bit more general, such as copyright and copyleft. Others are more day-to-day practical, such as scanning, OCR, and translating documents. And some are in between, such as typography and accessibility.
  3. Resources — is like an annotated bibliography of sorts, but includes web sites and software in addition to books. It is very, very, far from complete or comprehensive. I plan to expand on it in future editions.
  4. Back Matter — includes all the links from the book in full url form (in case you can't click); the pathetic beginnings of an index; and a similarly bare-bones start to a glossary. The index and the glossary will be expanded significantly in future editions.

Download the PDF or the original LaTeX files and images. (Other formats coming soon.)

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