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I say that these guides are for every sentient being as a way of being inclusive without calling anyone idiot or dummy or the such. I hope you find them helpful. Right now, I just have one published here, but the second, much bigger one, should be coming later this summer.

All the resources available here are published under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

NEW 2021 June 1: Guide to Password Security

A short (about 70 pages) introduction to passwords, password security, and a bit of general computer security. Chapter 2 has all the tips boiled down into about 4 pages. The rest of the book goes deeper into the advice and also explains a lot of the why for the advice.

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Please note that LaTeX and PDF are the primary file formats. HTML, EPUB, and ODT files are automagically converted from the LaTeX and are incomplete in some ways (like page number references). If you just want to read the book, I highly recommend the PDF file (above).