Strategies for Learning Vocabulary

Learn vocabulary faster and more effectively.


Welcome to Strategies for Learning Vocabulary, a micro-class brought to you by The Language Institute at Columbus State Community College.

Today we will learn:

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Chris Spackman ...

Schedule for Today

  1. First, we will introduce ourselves. We will also do tech checks, so everyone can participate.
  2. After that, we will see how many words we know in English.Please do NOT worry if you do not know a lot of the words. This test is NOT easy. No one knows all of the words! Please go to We will start as soon as everyone is ready.
  3. Next, we will talk about the lecture notes.
  4. Penultimately, Penultimate means next to last or second to last (they mean the same thing). It is a great word to know, because many native speakers do not know it! we will look at Quizlet, a great online vocabulary learning resource.
  5. Finally, we will look at Anki, a powerful app and online tool for learning vocabulary. If we don't have time, we may not do this. There is information about it in the note slides, however.